FLIKK can embody various meanings. It may evoke thoughts of a young woman or the act of browsing through your closet. In Gotlandic dialect, it represents the concept of a "patch to mend." However, it also stands as a fashion brand that challenges conventional notions of fashion by utilizing remake and upcycling. Born from the desire to offer sustainable fashion solutions, FLIKK was founded on Gotland by designer Therese Vikman in early 2023.

FLIKK•archive is more than just a label; it's a conceptual embodiment. With over a decade of industry experience, Therese brings a wealth of expertise to the brand. Her passion for vintage fashion and collector's items drives her specialization in upcycling and redesign. By repurposing pre-loved fabrics and garments, she revitalizes textiles already in circulation, contributing to waste reduction and extending their lifespan.

Characterized by a dreamy aesthetic, FLIKK•archive offers sustainable fashion solutions for mindful individuals. The brand encompasses upcycled collections, pre-loved garments for sale, tailored dresses for rent, and local production in Sweden. Through local manufacturing, FLIKK supports the community while minimizing resource consumption.
Each fabric and garment in the collection has been carefully sourced from charity shops across Sweden, further emphasizing FLIKK's commitment to sustainability and responsible fashion practices.