At FLIKK•archive, our approach to sustainability is deeply rooted in personal convictions and aspirations. Recognizing the imperfection of the journey, we firmly believe that every action, big or small, makes a difference. In our dedication to sustainability, we proudly collaborate with craftspeople in Sweden, preserving the beauty of traditions and techniques. Our garments are more than just pieces of clothing; they are designed to be cherished, kept, shared, lent, and passed on — a testament to our enduring commitment to responsible fashion.


01. Our commitment to sustainability begins with our choice of repurposed fabrics, including remake and upcycled materials, to minimize environmental impact and promote responsible fashion.

02. With specialized upcycling expertise, we breathe new life into pre-loved textiles, transforming them into modern feminine pieces that celebrate the beauty of repurposed materials.

03. Rooted in Sweden, our production processes prioritize local craftsmanship, fostering fair labor conditions and supporting our communities while reducing our carbon footprint.

04. Transparency and traceability are integral to our values. We provide customers with insights into the origins of our materials and the journey of each garment.

05. Embracing a circular fashion concept, we encourage consumers to see fashion as a cycle rather than a linear process. Our designs are crafted for longevity, advocating for a more sustainable and mindful approach to fashion consumption.